Temperature Gradient Gel Electrophoresis

Please note:
The TGGE systems are discontinued. Accessories are yet available.

Temperature Gradient Gel Electrophoresis is a powerful technique to separate DNA fragments of identical length. In contrast to conventional electrophoresis methods, molecules are separated by their melting behavior. Thus it becomes possible to separate DNA fragments according to their primary sequence. The most common application of TGGE is mutation analysis. In contrast to conventional denaturing techniques using chemical gradients, TGGE provides quick gradient setup and reproducible separation conditions.

Biometra offers two different instruments for TGGE. The smaller system, TGGE standard, provides quick optimization of new experiments and short running times for routine analysis. The TGGE MAXI system provides a long separation distance and is thus ideally suited for analysis of complex sample mixtures. Both TGGE instruments are powered by a Peltier thermoblock with precise microprocessor control. The orientation of the buffer chambers can be quickly changed to switch from parallel to perpendicular analysis mode.

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