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  • 31.03.2017 | Nouveautés

    Company Founder and Analytik Jena Executive Board Member Klaus Berka Steps Down from the Operational Business

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  • 21.03.2017 | Nouveautés

    compEAct – Une nouvelle référence dans l’analyse TN et TS d’échantillons organiques

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  • 13.03.2017 | Nouveautés

    Helping Families and Young People: Analytik Jena Supports Social Work in Jena

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  • 08.03.2017 | Nouveautés

    Analytik Jena Finds Entry into the Ultra-High Throughput Genotyping Market Through Co-Marketing Agreement with Illumina

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  • 02.03.2017 | Information sur le produit

    Preparing Biological Samples for Elemental Analysis by ICP-MS

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  • 20.02.2017 | Nouveautés

    Analytik Jena Presents Innovative Applications for its Elite Product Range of ICP-MS and ICP-OES Instruments at EWCPS 2017

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  • 09.02.2017 | Nouveautés

    Analytik Jena Wins New Product Award for Innovation in Nucleic Acid Extraction at SLAS 2017

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