Web Seminar Simplify Your Quality Control

Meet the compEAct — the Fastest N/S Analyzer for Petrochemical Labs

Webinar Simplify Your Quality Control - Meet the compEAct – The Fastest N / S Analyzer for Petrochemical Labs

What you can expect?

This web seminar will highlight the core benefits and concepts behind the compEAct, a single-purpose S/N analyzer. It will also present exemplary applications and measurements adhering to international standards.

The compEAct by Analytik Jena is simplicity in its purest form:

  • a compact design requiring minimal space
  • fastest sample throughput on the market
  • automatic 24/7 operation with intelligent, automatic error correction
  • user interface that even inexperienced users can learn quickly
  • minimal maintenance required

Specifically designed to meet the demands of the petrochemical industry, the system is streamlined for easy use, high throughput, and 24/7 operation, without compromising on analysis quality. The web seminar, presented by our product manager Dr. Angela Gröbel, will explain how the compEAct will save time and analysis cost in your lab.

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