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Applications and solutions for environmental analysis

Find practical TOC/TNb determination solutions for your environmental analysis task. Webinar: "Boost Your Environmental Analysis!"

Environmental analysis solutions for the determination of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Total bound Nitrogen (TNb) by Analytik Jena are designed to fit the requirements of production and process oriented labs. Reliable precision, fast analysis times and an overall low cost per sample are just some of the benefits for your lab. Learn how you can push your TOC/TNb analysis to the next level.

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Wastewater Monitoring — Key Parameter TOC

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As a result of the implementation of the EU Industrial Emission Directive (IED), the total organic carbon (TOC) parameter is being introduced broadly into the monitoring of wastewater in various industries. Read in our article about the new requirements.

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Web Seminar Environmental Analysis

Recording - Webinar Environmental Analysis - Analytik Jena

Discover how you can simplify TOC/TNb environmental analysis by applying modern TOC/TNb analytical solutions. Besides TOC and TNb solutions Analytik Jena is highlighting a variety of other practical solutions for different environmental analysis tasks.

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TOC/TN<sub>b</sub> Water Analysis

Learn about reliable and fast ways of TOC and TNb determination in different water samples. Our application notes cover water, drinking water and waste water.


TOC in soil samples

TOC determination in soil samples is a complex task. We compiled some examples for rouitne and special analysis task that give you some practical solutions and advice.


Individual TOC/TN<sub>b</sub> solutions

Your TOC or TNb application is not listed? Contact us directly. Our application specialists find the optimal solution for your task.

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Success Stories — How Customers Benefit

TOC Success Story Dow Chemical

Discover how Dow Chemical is using multi® N/C 3100 by Analytik Jena to determine TOC and improving its daily analysis routine.

Customer Case Dow Chemical

Products & Technology

TOC/TNb Analysis Solutions

TOC/TNb analyzers of the multi® N/C series are characterized by high performance, ease of use and a high degree of automation. There are many companies and institutions in the, among others, environmental, pharma and ernegy industry using the system successfully to improve quality assurance and production processes.

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