Analytik Jena Introduces New Generation of contrAA® High-Resolution Continuum Source AA Spectrometers

11.05.2016 | Nouveautés

Munich, Germany, May 11, 2016 – More than a decade after its first commercial introduction with the contrAA® family of instruments, High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS (HR-CS AAS) has become a well-established and appreciated analysis technology in routine, research, and academia.

The technology developed by Analytik Jena together with the Leibnitz Institute for Analytical Sciences ISAS e.V. in Berlin more than 10 years ago revolutionized atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS). In contrary to traditional Line Source AAS, which requires different lamps for different elements, HR-CS AAS uses a Xenon lamp that emits a continuous spectrum at high intensity. Thus, any element and wavelength can readily be analyzed whenever the requirement occurs – the contrAA® turned AAS into a true multi element technique with unmatched flexibility. An Echelle spectrometer with CCD detector produces a highly resolved absorption spectrum for each sample, allowing not only quantitative evaluation of but also qualitative information about the sample.

Features like fast sequential and simultaneous multi-element analysis, including semi-quantitative overview screening of unknown samples, and analysis of non-metals, have opened up new application fields previously reserved to other, much more expensive technologies. Superior correction algorithms for background and spectral interferences have taken productivity and accuracy of AAS to a new level – all while preserving its simple, robust, and low-cost operation.

With the new contrAA® 800 Analytik Jena now presents the next generation of this successful technology on the market. It cumulates the experience gained over the years, feedback and suggestions from the field, and our experts’ refreshingly new ideas.

The most obvious feature is the compactness of contrAA® 800 with its space-saving design. Both typical AAS technologies are implemented in one sample compartment via an automatic atomizer switching. The redesigned high-performance optical system provides improved stability and lowest noise, resulting in market-leading detection limits and superior accuracy. A new lamp design further reduces consumables costs.

Sample preparation and dilutions are reduced to a minimum because the contrAA® is able to adapt itself to any analyte concentration present in the samples – from the ppb- to the percent-range.

Complemented by a wide range of accessories including autosamplers and online-dilutors, flow-injection, and hydride generation systems, the contrAA® 800 is the most versatile AAS available today.

Analytik Jena highlights its expertise in high-performance optics with a unique long-term warranty of 10 years on the optical components.

contrAA® — Atomic Absorption. Redefined.



contrAA® — Atomic Absorption. Redefined.


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