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compEAct is the ULTIMATE analyzer for demanding high-throughput applications. The compEAct series offers compact, space-saving combustion systems for the fast and cost-effective determination of Total Sulfur and Total Nitrogen in liquids, gases and LPG samples. They combine efficient, catalyst-free high-temperature combustion with highly sensitive HiPerSens® detection thus providing outstanding analytical performance and application flexibility with a high ease-of-use.

Using an integrated, powerful computer and a touch screen for operation and data evaluation, compEAct is the first stand-alone elemental analyzer in the world truly requiring minimum lab space. A direct LAN connection furthermore allows remote access, e.g. from an on-site control room or on the move via mobile phone, and easy integration into existing LIMS.

The application-specific design of the hardware and software of the instruments guarantee simple operation and an impressive sample throughput. Integrated method libraries as well as calibration sequences compliant with ASTM, ISO, UOP and IP simplify analysis enormously.

The Self Check System and a messaging function create the prerequisites for safe unattended operation. All relevant parameters are monitored and optimized in real time. If there is need for intervention by the operator, the system notifies this with a message, e.g. on the smartphone.

compEAct is available in three application-optimized device versions:

  • compEAct N – Elemental analyzer for total nitrogen (TN) determination
  • compEAct S – Elemental analyzer for total sulfur (TS) determination
  • compEAct SMPO – Elemental analyzer for interference-free sulfur (TS) determination in fuels and other refinery samples


compEAct series – High-performance concentrated in the smallest of spaces


Features compEAct EAsy Fit


EAsy Fit: Intelligent design for efficient operation in the smallest of spaces
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Features compEAct EAsy Touch


EAsy Touch: Integrated control and data evaluation unit with intuitive touch operation
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Features compEAct EAsy Protect


EAsy Protect: Maximum protection through automatic monitoring and optimization of all process parameters
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Features compEAct HiPerSens


HiPerSens® detection: Broadest measurement range without sample pretreatment for unique applicability
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The EAvolution software is self-explanatory. With the look of a simple smartphone app, it provides full access to all the important functions of a device software. Its simplicity ensures smooth operation and reliable analysis without extensive user training. A pictogram-based interface, flat substructures and a Quick Access sidebar allow easy navigation between menu items. To ensure full standard compliance and to avoid the exceedance of legal limits, the software comes equipped with a library of ASTM, ISO, UOP and IP compliant methods, calibration sequences and check functions.

EAvolution – Your Benefits

  • Intuitive operation using gesture control and Quick Access sidebar
  • Customized reports and data export
  • Integrated method library
  • Full standard compliance (ASTM, DIN, ISO, IP, etc.)
  • Maintenance assistant, messaging, service module
  • Automatic data backup and LIMS connectivity
  • A LAN port allows external control and data evaluation, and online support


The degree of automation for the compEAct is adaptable to individual requirements – from manual handling of just a few samples a week, up to fully automated, unattended operation around-the-clock in high-throughput laboratories.

Autoinjector – automated injection even without autosampler
The smallest and lightest semi-automatic dosing device for liquid samples on the market. Flexible filling volumes and dosing speeds allow an optimal adaption to every sample type and concentration range. The sampling takes place manually by the operator, the injection is carried out automatically, controlled by the EAvolution software.

LS 1 – convenient automation of small sample throughputs
The ideal solution for automated processing of small sample series. The LS 1 provides 18 positions for dosing liquids using direct injection.

LS 2 – optimum solution for high sample throughputs
The LS 2 provides 120 positions for dosing liquids using direct injection. Sample quantity and dosing speed can be defined by the operator. Automatic additional rinse cycles with sample or solvent are possible at any time. This protects the system from contamination and increases the stability of the analysis results, ideal also for samples with highly varying concentrations.

LPG module – unique precision independent from sample pressure
The LPG module is ideally suited for the precise, automatic dosing of LPGs. There is no need for expensive sample pre-treatment like compression or a relaxation in Tedlar ™ Bags. Sampling is done directly from the liquid phase, effectively avoiding sample modification or a loss of sample components. The high-performance Peltier cooling of the dosing valve prevents uncontrolled, early evaporation of the sample matrix and thus bubble formation. The sample volumes can variably be defined by the user. A heated evaporation chamber and the use of Sulfinert®-coated components ensure the complete transfer of all sample components even in the trace range.

GSS/LPG combi module – intelligent combination for gas analysis
This space-saving combination of two matrix-optimized gas samplers is the perfect solution for flexible gas analysis. The GSS and LPG sampling branches are isolated from each another, which means that cross-contamination is impossible. The sample volumes are freely selectable and can be flexibly varied within a wide range.

The GSS branch has been developed specifically for the dosing of pressurized gases. The LPG branch is optimized for the precise, automatic dosing of pressurized liquefied gases.


The instruments of the compEAct series guarantee fast and simple analysis of compressed and liquefied pressurized gases, e.g. LPG, NPG, and hydrocarbons and of liquids, e.g. naphtha, fuels, aliphatic, cyclic and aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols or organic acids, with compliance to all relevant standards.

  • Sulfur – ASTM D: 5453, 6667, 7183, 7551; IP 490; EN 15486; EN ISO 20846
  • Nitrogen – ASTM D: 4629, 7184; IP 379/88; DIN 51444; UOP: 936, 971

Application Notes: 

Determination of Sulfur Content of Automotive Fuels – Ultraviolet Fluorescence Method According to EN ISO 20846 – Removal of Nitrogen Interferences by N-based Cetane Improvers

Determination of Total Sulfur in Light Hydrocarbons, Spark Ignition Engine Fuel and Diesel Engine Fuel by Ultraviolet Fluorescence according to ASTM D5453

Determination of Total Sulfur in Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Related Chemicals by UV Fluorescence according to ASTM D7183

Determination of Ultra Low Nitrogen in Aromatic Hydrocarbons by Oxidative Combustion and Reduced Pressure Chemiluminescence Detection according to ASTM D7184

TN Determination in Bio-based Fuels According to ASTM D4629 – Standard Test Method for Trace Nitrogen in Liquid Hydrocarbons by Syringe/Inlet Oxidative Combustion and Chemiluminescence Detection

Determination of Trace Nitrogen Contents in Different Types of Fuels and Fuel Blends According to ASTM D4629 resp. DIN 51444

Fast and Reliable TS Determination in Liquefied Pressurized Gases (LPG) according to ASTM D6667, ASTM D7551, and DIN EN 17178



compEAct — Choose the EAsy Way

compEAct is Analytik Jena's elemental analyzer for fast and cost-effective determination of sulfur and nitrogen in liquids, gases and LPG samples. In times of limited lab resources and an increasing number of samples it is the ideal choice for refineries, QC and contract labs.

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