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During the past several years Lab Automation  has successfully completed a number of instrument development contracts for its partners. These developed products are also manufactured facilities in Jena, Germany. Our innovative development and high quality manufacturing skills are based on industry knowledge, experienced and creative engineering resources, instrument prototyping, scientific laboratory applications and first-class production facilities. They are enhanced by our worldwide service organization which takes care of the instruments Lab Automation develops and builds.

Continiously were invested in hardware and software systems as well as brand and intellectual property rights during the last 25 years. Lab automation offers its partners to share the know-how in the fields of analytical measurement technology, liquid handling, automation as well as optical read-out techniques and manufacturing. Strict adherence to delivery dates, quality standards and agreed-upon budgets are the pillars to successful partnership. Both market knowledge and application experience help to avoid the risks for the clients.


The suppliers' network has been established for years and has its own infrastructure embedded in the perfect environment of the university town Jena, which itself has developed as an important centre for the European bio-instrument and photonic industries. The Federale State of Thuringia, the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union promote the development of the birthplace of both SCHOTT- und ZEISS-factories, which is full of tradition.




CORNING. — Life Sciences Division. CyBio and Corning together developed the CORNING Epic®-Instrument, a label-independent detection instrument that was introduced in September 2006 by Corning at the annual meeting of the Society of Biomolecular Sciences in Seattle. The Epic®-System won the New Product Award by the Association for Laboratory Automation in January 2007.


Alere formerly CLONDIAG

CyBio® has been working with the German company CLONDIAG, a subsidiary of the American INVERNESS Group, to manufacture their ArrayStrip Processors as series production. This analyzer for diagnostic chips comes with on-board liquid handling, incubation, reagent cooling and optical read-out. It was developed by CyBio® in co-operation with CLONDIAG.


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