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Biometra TRIO - Triple Powered PCR thermal cycler

  • Three Block System: Three independent sample blocks for ultimate flexibility
  • Fastest Ramping, highest Accuracy, Block/Well Control: Superior sample block temperature control
  • Whisper Quiet: Low noise emission of max. 45 dB
  • High Performance Smart Lid (HPSL): Defined pressure control for highly reproducible results
  • Temperature Optimization STEP (TOS): TOS-technology to determine the optimal annealing temperature
  • Advanced User Management (AUM): Individual rights settings for each user

Product Info

Biometra TRIO — Triple Powered PCR

Threefold power for maximum flexibility in PCR
The Biometra Trio is a unique, premium instrument, »Made in Germany« and held to the absolute highest quality standards. The Biometra TRIO provides three independent sample blocks which can run three different PCR reactions in parallel. The instrument is available with different sample blocks: 3 x 48 well for 0.2 ml tubes, 3 x 30 well for 0.5 ml tubes or 3 x combi block for 48 well 0.2 ml tubes or 18* x 0.5 ml tubes each. Thus, the Biometra TRIO offers high throughput in parallel operation (up to 144 x 0.2 ml samples) in combination with the flexibility to run different protocols. This makes the Biometra TRIO thermal cycler the perfect instrument for laboratories with the demand for high flexibility and the need often to optimize new PCR-protocols.

Three independent thermal cyclers in one housing
The Biometra TRIO thermal cycler is the only instrument that provides three independent blocks and heated lids in one housing. Thanks to the multiblock technology three different independent protocols can be run in parallel. The Biometra TRIO offers high throughput in parallel operation (up to 144 x 0.2 ml samples) in combination with the flexibility to run different protocols.

User specific quick start of programs
The intuitive software offers very straightforward programming and for GMP-regulated laboratories highly configurable user management, plus extensive tools for system diagnostics as well as documentation of PCR runs. To create PCR protocols the user can select between tabular or graphical programming. The user-specific quick start in combination with the program preview makes tedious searches for previously used PCR programs superfluous.

Temperature Optimisation Step (TOS)
To find the optimal annealing temperature of new primers pairs the Biometra TRIO Thermocycler offers the Temperature Optimisation Step function. Temperature Optimisation Steps, by making use of the three blocks, provide different annealing temperatures in a gradient-like fashion. In the corresponding screen just enter an annealing temperature for the block in the middle and an increment, defining the temperature difference for the first and third block. For maximum ease of use programs with Temperature Optimisation Steps automatically start on all three blocks, there is no need to start and stop the blocks individually.

* capacity increases to 35 x 0.5 ml tubes by use of small cap tubes

Technical Data

Biometra TRIO 30


TRIO combi

Block formats

3 blocks for 30 x 0.5ml
tubes each

3 blocks for 48 x 0.2ml tubes
or 48 well microplates
or 6 x strips of 8 each

3 combi blocks for 18 x 0.5ml
or 48 x 0.2ml tubes,
or 48 well microplates
or 6 x strips of 8

Max. heating rate*

4.0 °C/Sec.

5.0 °C/Sec.

3.0 °C/Sec.

Avg. heating rate*

3.6 °C/Sec.

4.2 °C/Sec.

2.7 °C/Sec.

Max. cooling rate*

3.6° C/Sec.

4.5 °C/Sec.

2.7 °C/Sec.

Avg. cooling rate*

3.2 °C/Sec.

3.8 °C/Sec.

2.4 °C/Sec.

Temp. Uniformity

±0.20 °C within 15 sec at 50°C
±0.30 °C within 15 sec at 70°C
±0.60 °C within 15 sec at 95°C

Temp. Range

3 °C to 99 °C

Multiblock Tool

Temperature Optimisation Step (TOS)

Max. TOS span

± 47,5 °C

Control Accuracy

± 0.1°C

Software options

User specific quick start of the last five programs for each sample block, program preview prior to start, toggle between spreadsheet and graphical programming mode, Temperature Optimization Step (TOS), generate service info files (SINF), extended self-test, adjustable ramp rates, PC control via Ethernet, comprehensive user administration tool, Protocol Wizard

Program memory

350 programs à 6 steps in up to 90 user directories


7'' TFT touchscreen

Auto restart after power failure


Cool samples at 4°C


Heated Lid

High Performance Smart Lid (HPSL) for optimal lid pressure and excellent temperature uniformity

Lid Temperature Range

30 °C to 110 °C

Power Consumption

Max. 1000 Watt

Power Supply

110, 115, 230 Volt / 50—60 Hz

Noise emission

Very low


1x USB A Port, 1x Ethernet Port

(W x D x H)

30 cm x 41 cm x 25 cm


17.3 kg

Working conditions 

5–35°C, 70% relative humidity

* measured inside the block according to Biometra standard procedure
** Capacity increases to 35 x 0.5 ml tubes by the use of small cap tubes

Order Info

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Biometra TRIO 30

3 × 30 × 0.5 ml


Biometra TRIO 48

3 × 48 × 0.2 ml


Biometra TRIO combi

3 × 48 × 0.2 ml or
3 × 18* × 0.5 ml

X = 2 for 230 V EN /DE , 4 for 115 V EN , 5 for 100 V EN


Download on Request
(e.g. Application Notes, Software, Manual, Short Manual)


Biometra TADVANCED/Biometra TRIO

No compromises in technology

Biometra TSuite – thermal cycler management made easy

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